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We Raise double registered Nigerian Dwarfs in central Missouri with the two registries being AGS and ADGA. Our Herds' pedigrees consist of Bucks and Does Who are AGS National Champions, AGS Resreve National Champions have produced National Champions and Reserve National Champions and have littermates who have been National Champions. Many Have JRCH, JRGRCH, CH, RSCH, GRCH, RSGRCH, Master Champion, ARMCH, MCH/PGCH, SG, Elite status, milk stars, high LA scores, High Milk Production awards with top milk producing bloodlines from these legendary farms. Twin Creeks, Rosasharn's, Flat Rocks, Goodwood, Prairie Wood, Promisedland, Gay Mor's, Piddlin Acres, Lost Valley, Woodhaven, Greengate and Dill's. Our Dwarfs come in a variety of unique colors and patterns with some having blue eyes. They are super friendly and playful. Get tons of attention and are a bit spoiled.

October 2017 Entire Herd Tested negative for CAE, Johne's, CL.  University of Missouri Vet Health Center  




For Pedigree research go to www.adgagenetics.org



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Nigerian Dwarfs

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